Love for the Work

“Your movement is so elegant and so free and so inspiring, you model that ANY BODY can do this…You are exceptional…”

— SARK, Best Selling Author and Artist

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Kristen has helped me learn to identify patterns in my alignment that no longer serve me. And even more importantly, she gently and expertly guides me to develop healthier ways to move. I am immediately able to transfer my newfound skills into my daily life.

Debbie E

I didn’t expect it to happen this fast. We’ve only done a couple of sessions but I feel good! I have less pain and am more fluid in my movements. Nothing works this fast!

Tom F

“I’ve dealt with this back pain for years. This is the first time I’ve had a method to deal with it besides popping lots of Ibuprofen. I find myself moving in the new patterns in my daily life and I am feeling less discomfort. I know what to do to alleviate the pain.

Getting into shape is easier than you think with Pilates. A little effort yields big results.”


I like the way you teach class because it’s like poetry. It’s always different and your verbiage is changed each week to keep us interested.

Catherine W

I was in massive pain everyday, all day…I’m not the same body…I have 98% less pain and now I don’t take any meds..


“I contacted Kristen to see if she could help my 16 year-old daughter with her chronic persistent knee pain. She could walk pain free only for a block or two. Running was torture. I got a doctor’s note to get her out of running for PE her freshman year. She wore shoe inserts daily for the 2 years. That was the only intervention that had been suggested for her by her doctor and a DO both. Kristen had helped me with some minor running-related pain by correcting fine points of my gait and posture, so I brought my daughter hoping that she might help her as well.

I was expecting that she might improve some if I could get my daughter to submit to a few sessions, and that it couldn’t hurt to try. What I did not expect was her knee pain being totally gone and the inserts getting tossed within a couple of weeks after literally only one session. Kristen identified her problematic gait and posture habits. My daughter followed her advice and now the pain is gone. I asked my daughter if she wanted me to book another session since it helped so much. She said, ‘Why would I do that? It’s not a problem anymore.’

Amazing. So grateful to Kristen for her expertise and clarity of instruction! Kind of a miracle, really. We thought my daughter would have to wear arch supports for life and just accept that she has ‘bad knees.'”

Erin N

New pleasure and joy standing in line waiting my turn…I can scan my body, release unwanted tension and be at peace! Thank you Kristen.”


“Thank you for doing this daily. I have enjoyed it. It’s great to see how happy you are when teaching.

After menopause I gave up on my body and felt completely inflexible. Having been a gymnast prior I know how my body feels when I feel like myself.

I didn’t think it was possible but every day I stretch and become more flexible, I’m beginning to feel more like me

My aha moment is that it’s possible for me to feel like myself again. Not there yet but on my way.

Thank u!”


We went on a road trip and I felt much better and had better recovery time. On a long drive it makes a huge difference. In the hotel room I used the tools you gave me and it didn’t take much time. It was simple. I didn’t need any equipment and it made being able to take care of my body in that way easier to deal with in emotional, stressful situations when they came up.

Terrie S

“This is the first time in my life that I haven’t hated every minute of exercise. It used to be sheer brute force and discipline.”


“I watched Kristen’s video on Pilates in the car before I left on a road trip. This is the first trip I’ve taken in over a year that I didn’t have to make numerous stops to walk off the ache in my leg or back…doing pelvic tilts, activating the left leg by pressing into the floor, rolling my shoulders and toe tapping, etc. This was the most enjoyable trip I’ve had in a long time.


“Recognizing how I stand into my feet…and how it effects the other parts of my body is where I felt the most improvement.”


“Kristen – your classes and the studio you run have meant so much to me! Yesterday I carried a 5 gallon bottle of water from the store to my car, something I could not have done 2 years ago. Thank you for all you do!”

Emily T

“Understanding my posture has been one of the most helpful things I’ve done for myself, I’m so grateful for Kristen’s eye.”


My pain kept me from playing with my grandson. I’ve learned a lot of techniques.. postural tweaks, just being aware of how I’m standing allows me to do the things I want again.”


“What I found the most valuable was the upper body strength…it helped release my low back because it wasn’t taking all the weight.”


“I did yoga for years but couldn’t get the tightness out of my hips and back…with Pilates I found my core…I can’t believe I exercised so long without finding my core. Now I feel balanced and strong and don’t have the same aches and pains anymore.”


“Kristen’s videos are clear, easy to understand and very accessible. I’m very busy and it’s great to have ways to stay fit while doing the things I do anyway. Imagine doing Pilates while you are sitting at your desk or gardening or walking. I’ve changed my habits and my back feels so much better.


“I’ve had searing pain in my hip everytime I took a step up since my fall seven years ago . This is the first time I’ve stepped up with zero pain. I feel so free, I feel like I could fly.