Virtual Postural Analysis Sessions:

Small shifts create big results so you
can get back to your life without pain.

You Want Better Posture…

You can still hear your mom’s voice – “stand up straight!” and your gym teacher shouting – “shoulders back, chest up!”

No matter what you try, you still:

Can’t concentrate as you shift at your computer trying to find a comfortable position to alleviate the throbbing pain in your back

Worry you’ll get left behind on a hike because your aching hips slow you down

Break out into a cold sweat as you imagine struggling to get out of your chair without grunting in old age

Dread the moment the music starts at a party because you’re afraid your knees won’t make it through a full song

Feel your heart drop as you pass up a chance to hold your grandchild, your cranky shoulders can’t take it

You just want someone to tell you what to do to feel better.
You’re trying too hard not to get results.

The solution you’ve been looking for is here!

It’s not old age or laziness, it’s the way you’ve been holding your body all these years. You just didn’t know.

You’ve been told you have to live with the pain or undergo expensive treatments or surgery that might not work. You’ve already tried so many things that helped for a short time but the pain always comes back.

What if you could learn to make small shifts to bring you into better balance while you wash the dishes, brush your teeth or walk the dog that would keep you aligned, lifted and pain-free so you can jump out of your chair with ease, get back to the dance floor and play with your grandkids?

What if those nagging aches are a signal that things are out of place and you need a simple plan to get back to center?

Kristen’s expert alignment analysis, experienced eye and intuitive listening skills can give you back the freedom and carefree movement you once had.

Don’t miss out!

Optimize Your Posture Without Tension

Your distinctive patterns are created by a lifetime of living; that time you fell off your bike in second grade, slouching to conceal your burgeoning breasts in middle school, copying your older brother’s cool walk to cover up your insecurities, burning the midnight oil in grad school on a crappy kitchen chair, dealing with the stress of the pandemic – all of it makes an impact.

Your unique analysis will help you release the tension and strain you’ve accumulated over the years, I’ll show you simple ways to support yourself in a new way so you can step back into life and stop missing out.

With 21 years experience leading my students through this journey I’m confident I can help you. I’m happy to report in my late 50’s I feel better than ever and so do my students.

Good Posture isn’t static and it’s not just about standing up tall. 

In fact, you may be bracing and working way too hard.

Wouldn’t it be nice to relax into a more natural posture that lets you sit, stand, work and play with ease and gets you back to living as fully as you once did?

You’ll get results with Virtual Postural Analysis Sessions:

Individualized assessment of your specific postural patterns, imbalances and compensations.

Shortcuts to ease and natural release so you can stop working so hard to hold yourself up.

Laser clear customized feedback so you know exactly what to do to feel your best quickly.

Poor posture can:

Bring on the kind of headache that ruins your day

Keep your shoulders so tense just lifting your arm overhead is hard

Tighten your hips and rack your back with pain that sidelines you

Weaken your pelvic floor so when you have to go it’s gotta be NOW!

Create gut issues that make you uncomfortable and gassy

Improved posture will:

Allow you to finally take a full breath and let it ALL out, aaaah!

Give you balance and ease that will lift your mood and make you smile

Keep your joints mobile and healthy as you age so walking feels great

Relieve your nagging low back pain by making space in your spine

Boost your energy and help you concentrate so you can keep playing



  • 5 one-hour Virtual Sessions on Zoom so you feel fully heard and guided
  • Visual and Audio Feedback on your Posture to reveal the shortcuts to your best posture
  • Individualized Video that integrates just the right exercises for you into the daily tasks you’re already doing so you don’t have to spend hours in a gym
  • Final Assessment for Comparison so you have proof positive it’s making a noticeable difference
  • Motivation to commit to a practice and incentive to see it through with a visual reward and confirmation of the changes that will become a new part of your everyday life
  • Posture Fix Video Library –  Bonus – so you can keep progressing at your own pace

    Imagine the satisfaction of a longer, leaner, more elegant you after only one session.

    Put the picture on your fridge to remind you to keep at it because the payoff is worth it!


    Virtual Postural Analysis $750
    (or single session for $250)

    60 minute Virtual Consultation and Assessment on Zoom

    It’s all about you as we discuss your movement and injury history plus the patterns that are holding you back. I’ll lead you through the assessment in front of a door jamb or other straight line for reference.

    Second 60 Minute Virtual Session

    We’ll brain storm the best location for your individualized 10 minute video exercise sequence that I’ll create just for you with attention to your specific movement needs and ability. These exercises will hook into a simple daily activity like brushing your teeth, washing the dishes or walking your dog so it’ll be easy to wire in a new habit that’ll reap long lasting rewards. This is a total game changer!

    Third-Fifth 60 Minute Virtual Sessions

    I want to make sure you really get it and love it so you’ll do it regularly. Consistency is key! I’ll watch you do the exercises to make sure your form is spot on so you’ll get maximum positive results. You’ll ask questions to ensure you feel 100% comfortable and confident. 

    Back extension on the CoreAlign

    Recorded Feedback Video

    Sent to your email address so you get visual reinforcement of your analysis. See your patterns, listen as I analyze what I see.

    Final Assessment Video Feedback

    You’ll have visual proof of your improvement with side by side before and after comparison pictures and a powerful internal awareness of your body that will increase as you work toward your goals.

    Posture Fix Library - Bonus

    You’ll want to continue your improvements, so watch this video collection on your own time and integrate new postural habits to keep your body mobile, aligned and happy! (We can always book additional sessions if you want more guidance.)

    Meet Kristen

    I’m passionate about movement, all kinds of movement, and I’m obsessed with helping you find ease and joy in your body as you move through your day.

    My super power is seeing postural patterns that cause you discomfort, bringing your awareness to it and giving you small, easily applied steps to transform your posture and take away your pain.

    I spent the first part of my life as an actor, imagining myself in another person’s shoes and now as a Pilates teacher I do kind of the same thing; step inside my students’ experience and find the quickest solution to a pain or posture puzzle.


    Seeing my clients happy and active makes my heart swell…



    New pleasure and joy standing in line waiting my turn…I can scan my body, release unwanted tension and be at peace! Thank you Kristen.”



    Understanding my posture has been one of the most helpful things I’ve done for myself, I’m so grateful for Kristen’s eye.



    I was in massive pain everyday, all day…I’m not the same body…I have 98% less pain and now I don’t take any meds..”



    My pain kept me from playing with my grandson. I’ve learned a lot of techniques.. postural tweaks, just being aware of how I’m standing allows me to do the things I want again.”



    “What I found the most valuable was the upper body strength…it helped release my low back because it wasn’t taking all the weight.”



    “Recognizing how I stand into my feet…and how it effects the other parts of my body is where I felt the most improvement.”

    Check out Anne’s transformation!

    Book a free chat, let’s see if this is right for you.

    I can’t wait to see you get back to your happy, upright, youthful self!  

    Love, Kristen