Pilates For Your Life

Feel good again in everything you do!

  • You want to look taller, leaner, and more confident, but you’re not willing to spend hours in a smelly gym or buy expensive equipment (tried that already, thanks).
  • You are so over this feeling of nagging pain that keeps you grumpy and feeling old.
  • There’s still a part of you that believes you can feel better than ever and get back to the active life that you long for.

To be honest, you’re not that keen on adding one more busy thing to your schedule, right?

So incorporating moments of awareness and bite-sized Pilates exercises into the things you’re already doing everyday is a no brainer!

  • Imagine bounding out of bed minus the chronic back pain and old person shuffle to the bathroom, a smile on your face as you feel the spring in your step.
  • Say goodbye to the constant ache that keeps you on the sidelines rather than fully engaged with all that life offers.
  • Discover a way to move that’s tailored to your unique experience rather than a fitness routine that isn’t working for you.
  • Reclaim the body of your youth, the body that danced and played and felt wonderful!

Get curious about how your body works, where you’re holding tension and how to let it go, so you can feel your best while running an errand or goofing off by the lake with your family. 

Explore the patterns that are keeping you from living in your body with ease and joy!  

Let out a full exhale and relax into the deep internal support that’s available to you; feel the bliss of a body that’s aligned, with all the parts working together, not at odds.



Boost your energy so you can take the lead on a hike with your friends…


Relieve back pain so you can feel great after playing nine holes or just sitting and watching your favorite team…


Help you breathe freely so you can feel more relaxed as you navigate your full life…


Develop balance you can count on so you’ll feel confident and in control when you step on a wobbly rock or saunter across the sand in an exotic locale…


Keep you flexible so you can move like a kid again while you age gracefully…

Pilates Tutorials

Simple, easy to follow video lessons in lying, seated and standing postures to help you bring Pilates into your daily tasks so you feel energized and pain free. 

Pilates Mat Class

Basic exercises will give you flexibility, strength and control that will spill over into all aspects of your life so you can move like a kid again.

Pilates in the Kitchen

Say goodbye to your tight hips and creaky knees as you stand at the sink. Increase the glide in your hips as you cook a meal. Balance both sides of your body as you clean so one side doesn’t have to take more of the load

Pilates in your Car

No more sciatic pain after a long drive. Increase your range of motion so you feel safe and arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to enjoy whatever life offers. 

Pilates at your Desk

Stay invigorated while you type up a report or check your email. Remain connected to your core and release your hip tension all the while lifting your spine so you’re ready to boogie after work rather than droop into a tv coma.

Pilates in your Garden

Keep your hamstrings long and elastic and your spine flexible and lengthened so you can enjoy working in your yard without paying for it later. 

Pilates on the Stairs

Finally let your shoulders slide down your back for good, relax your tense neck and let it hold your head with happy effortlessness over strong, stable ankles and feet and a body that’s well balanced and sighing with relief. 

Hi, I’m Kristen, this is my Story: A journey out of chronic pain

After 2 car accidents I was resigned to a life of chronic pain until the day I was hunched over the kitchen sink and I noticed the pain behind my shoulder blade went away once I applied the form I practiced in the Pilates studio.

And now I want to share my bite-sized discoveries with you!

My super power is seeing postural patterns that cause you discomfort, bringing your awareness to it and giving you small, easily applied steps to transform your posture and take away your pain.

I spent the first part of my life as an actor, imagining myself in another person’s shoes and now after 23 years as a Pilates teacher I do kind of the same thing; step inside my students’ experience and find the quickest solution to a pain or posture puzzle.

I’m passionate about movement, all kinds of movement, and I’m obsessed with helping you find ease and joy in your body as you move through your day.

See how Pilates For Your Life transformed their lives…

“I was in massive pain everyday, all day…I’m not the same body…I have 98% less pain and I don’t take any meds…I do Pilates at home all the time, every move I do…moving my bee boxes …working in the yard…even at the grocery store.” Watch Karen’s testimonial video

“My pain kept me from playing with my grandson, dancing and playing Pickle ball…I wanted the pain to stop…I’ve learned a lot of techniques …postural tweaks, just being aware of how I’m standing that allow me to do the things I want again.” Watch Shelley’s testimonial video

“What I found the most valuable was the upper body strength…it helped release my low back because it wasn’t taking all the weight.” Watch Dottie’s testimonial video

“I did yoga for years but couldn’t get the tightness out of my hips and back…with Pilates I found my core…I can’t believe I exercised so long without finding my core. Now I feel balanced and strong and don’t have the same aches and pains anymore.” Watch Wendy’s testimonial video

“I’m a surgical nurse…I hold the limbs of patients to prep them for surgery…what I’ve learned from you helps me to be more secure in my job as I engage my whole body… and the pain in my elbow is actually getting less… That’s how I apply your lessons to my daily life and my job.” Watch Deanna’s testimonial video.

“Recognizing how I stand into my feet…and how it effects the other parts of my body is where I felt the most improvement.” Watch Sasha’s testimonial video

“..New pleasure and joy standing in line waiting my turn…I can scan my body, release unwanted tension and be at peace!…Thank you Kristen.” Watch KT’s testimonial video

“I watched Kristen’s video on Pilates in the car before I left on a road trip. This is the first trip I’ve taken in over a year that I didn’t have to make numerous stops to walk off the ache in my leg or back…doing pelvic tilts, activating the left leg by pressing into the floor, rolling my shoulders and toe tapping, etc. This was the most enjoyable trip I’ve had in a long time.” – Karen

“Kristen’s videos are clear, easy to understand and very accessible. I’m very busy and it’s great to have ways to stay fit while doing the things I do anyway. Imagine doing Pilates while you are sitting at your desk or gardening or walking. I’ve changed my habits and my back feels so much better.” Paul

“I’ve had searing pain in my hip everytime I took a step up since my fall seven years ago . This is the first time I’ve stepped up with zero pain. I feel so free, I feel like I could fly.” Robin